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About London Slimming Clinic

The London Slimming Clinic is a dedicated weight management clinic based in London. Our staff has been fully trained in various aspects of effective and practical weight management and regularly keep up to date with new clinical evidence and weight management strategies in order to provide patients with a clinically effective and practical weight loss solution. The medication prescribed by our healthcare professionals is Saxenda. Our services are in line with the General Pharmaceutical Council guidelines and regulation.

All consultations are carried out by fully trained and registered prescribers. After a thorough review mediaction is prescribed and issued. Our medical questionnaire is specifically designed to ensure all key information about your health is captured.It is then reviewed and assessed by the prescriber to ensure Saxenda is prescribed and dispensed appropriately to only those who can safely take it.

Saxenda is a UK licensed, MHRA and FDA approved prescription-only weight loss injection. It is licensed for weight-loss for those who are overweight and with Obesity. In our weight loss programme, adding Saxenda to a sensible meal and exercise plan helps you lose weight and keep it off.

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Carrying out an online consultation and having your medication and treatment plan delivered to you is compliant and fully regulated.
The following steps are taken to ensure only the appropriate treatment is provided:

  • Fill out the online medical consultation form.
  • Select the items you wish to purchase and complete checkout.
  • Your information is then reviewed by a member of our clinical team who may contact you to ask a few additional questions around your health or medication you are taking.
  • Prescription is issued and the medicine is dispensed by a UK based Pharmacy and delivered to you by next-day courier service once it is dispatched *

* Please note that orders are dispatched from Monday to Thursday only. Although we aim to, we do not guarantee orders are dispatched on the same day they are placed. Please see our shipping terms and conditions for more details.
If our healthcare professional does not find it appropriate to approve a treatment then you will be issued with a full refund straight away.

Your details are automatically verified to confirm your identity and age. Should we be unable to verify your age based on the details you have provided, a member of our Customer Service Representatives will contact you to discuss other options to verify your age.