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Wegovy is a licensed once-weekly weight loss injection containing Semaglutide. Wegovy semaglutide injection works by reducing your appetite and cravings, and has clinically proven to offer significant and sustained weight loss.

  • 0.25mg: £179.00 (4 x doses of 0.25mg)

  • 0.5mg: £199.00 (4 x doses of 0.5mg)

  • 1.0mg: £199.00 (4 x doses of 1.0mg)

  • 1.7mg: £259.00 (4 x doses of 1.7mg)

  • 2.4mg: £309.00 (4 x doses of 2.4mg)

Treatment and dose can be selected after the consultation form is completed.

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What is Wegovy?

Wegovy is a prescription-only, once-weekly weight loss injection that contains Semaglutide. It is taken once a week and has been clinically proven to be an effective weight loss medication.

Wegovy can be used by adults who have a body mass index (BMI) over 30 (or a BMI over 27 with at least one weight-related comorbidity such as high cholesterol, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, obstructive sleep apnoea, etc

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How Much Does Wegovy Cost?

The monthly cost of Wegovy starts from £179.00, and the price increases with each increased dose. This price can vary depending on factors such as dosage, pharmacy location, insurance coverage, and any available discounts.

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Wegovy Price

Prices for Wegovy are as low as £179.00 in the UK. The price may vary depending on the strength.

1-40.25mg£179.00Starter dose
5-80.5mg£199.00This is the dose that should be taken after 0.25mg, and you can safely increase the dosage from here.
9-121mg£199.00You should see a noticeable weight reduction from the 1mg dosage.
13-161.7mg£259.00This dosage should only be used after gradual adjustment. The effects of weight loss are more apparent.
17 onwards2.4mg£309.00This dosage is the highest strength of Wegovy and can result in the most weight loss.
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Wegovy Summary

DosageOnce weekly injection
Active ingredientSemaglutide
Drug familyGLP-1 receptor agonist
How does it work?Mimics a naturally occurring hormone to make you feel fuller and restrict unhealthy eating habits
Who can use Wegovy?Adults with a BMI of 30 or more, and 27 or more with a weight related condition.
PriceFrom £44.75 per week
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How Does Wegovy Work?

Wegovy can be really effective in helping people build healthy eating habits and accomplish their weight loss goals. It helps people in the following ways:

Reduces Appetite

Reduces Appetite

Wegovy mimics a naturally occurring hormone that targets the brain responsible for controlling appetite.

Keeps you Full

Keeps you Full

It decelerates the digestive system, making you feel fuller and more satisfied for longer.

Promotes Healthy Eating

Promotes Healthy Eating

With fewer cravings, your calorie intake decreases, leading you towards healthy eating habits and a long-term diet.

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Where Can I Buy Wegovy in the UK?

You can buy Wegovy online from London Slimming Clinic with next-day UK delivery. Our prices include free consultation and prescription by our UK-registered healthcare professionals. If your consultation is approved, a prescription will be generated and delivered to you by tracked delivery. Click here to find us on Google Maps.

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Who Can Use Wegovy?

The weekly weight loss injection is suitable for those who are above the age of 18 and have a BMI above 30 (or 27 with a weight-related co-morbidity). Semaglutide for weight loss will not be prescribed to you if you fall under one of these categories:

  • Under 18 or above 75 years of age
  • If you are breastfeeding, pregnant, or actively trying to get pregnant.
  • Anyone who has liver or kidney problems, heart failure, or pancreatitis.
  • Type 1 diabetics or patients taking diabetic medication that causes hypoglycemia, such as insulin or sulphonylureas.
  • Have you ever had eating disorders
  • Take other weight loss drugs or medication that work in the same way as Wegovy, e.g., GLP-1s such as Victoza, Ozempic,
  • Saxenda, and Trulicity.

After you complete your online consultation, you will be assessed by the prescriber, who will take into account factors such as your BMI, medical history, current medication, etc.

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What is the Recommended Dosage of Wegovy for Weight Loss?

Wegovy injection comes in 5 different doses; the starting dose is 0.25 mg once a week for the first 4 weeks. It allows your body a chance to get used to Wegovy. At Week 5, your dose will increase to 0.5 mg once a week, followed by 1.0mg. Then, if needed, increase the dose to 1.7mg and then 2.4mg. Once you have reached 2.4mg, you remain on that for the duration of your treatment.

The dosing schedule will, therefore, be as follows:

  • Weeks 1-4: 0.25mg weekly
  • Weeks 5-8: 0.5mg weekly
  • Weeks 9-12: 1mg weekly
  • Weeks 13-16 (or later): 1.7mg weekly
  • Weeks 17 onwards (or later): 2.4mg weekly
Wegovy Dosage chart

Click here to download and read the patient information leaflet (PIL) for Wegovy.

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How to use the Wegovy Pen?

Watch this step-by-step video to understand how to properly use the Wegovy pen (FlexTouch). The video shows complete instructions for using the Wegovy (semaglutide) injection.

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Wegovy injection site guide

You can choose any area on your abdomen, upper legs (front of thighs), or upper arms. You can choose whichever site you feel comfortable with. You can change the injection site every week if the area gets purple or you notice any injection marks.

Changing the injection site means that you move 1 cm away from your last injection site. If your chosen injection site is the abdomen, then try to inject at least 5 cm away from the naval point.

Where Should I Inject Wegovy
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How Effective is Wegovy and How Much Weight Can I Lose?

An 86-week clinical trial by the manufacturers showed that patients using Wegovy Weight Loss Injection lost, on average, 14.9% of their body weight (compared to 2.4% in the placebo group). Of those:

  • Almost 84% achieved a weight loss of less than equal to or greater than 5%
  • Over 66% achieved weight loss equal to or greater than 10%
  • Almost 50% achieved a weight loss of over 15%
  • Over 30% of patients lost more than 20% of their starting body weight.

Alongside taking Wegovy for weight loss, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle by consuming healthy foods and increasing physical activity. The trials have shown it to be very effective in the majority of patients taking it. However, the results are not guaranteed every time.

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How Long Does It Take Wegovy to Work?

Wegovy injection is a long-term medication and requires additional lifestyle changes for the best results. If taken properly, with the required lifestyle changes, you may start to notice weight loss in just about 4 weeks.

However, you must continue the medication to keep the lost weight off. Also, keep in mind that the results may vary for every individual, as everyone responds differently to the medication.

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What are the Side Effects of Wegovy?

Like any new medication you take, your body takes some time to adjust to it, and it is likely going to cause some side effects. More than one in 10 people might experience the following side effects:

  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation or tummy ache
  • Nausea.

These do tend to go away over time once your body has adjusted to it.

A full list of side effects and more information can be found on the patient information leaflet. Ensure that you have read all the information and are fully aware of the potential side effects by clicking here.

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What is the Difference between Saxenda and Wegovy?

Where Wegovy weight loss injection is a once-weekly, Saxenda is a once-daily injection licensed for weight loss, which has been available since 2017. The active ingredient of Saxenda is liraglutide (also a GLP-1 – a synthetic version of the naturally occurring hormone GLP-1).

Although Saxenda works very similarly to Wegovy for weight loss, the medications cannot be used interchangeably.

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What is the Difference between Ozempic and Wegovy?

Ozempic and Wegovy contain exactly the same active ingredient (Semaglutide). However, Ozempic is licensed for the treatment of type-2 diabetes, whereas Wegovy injection is specifically licensed for weight management (including weight loss).

Ozempic is available in 3 doses (0.25mg, 0.5mg, and 1.0mg), whereas Wegovy injection is available in 5 doses (0.25mg, 0.5mg, 1.0mg, 1.7mg, and 2.4mg).

Compare the Weight Loss Injections:
Licensed forWeight LossWeight LossType 2 Diabetes
Active IngredientSemaglutideLiraglutideSemaglutide
How it WorksRegulates appetiteRegulates appetiteHelps the body produce more insulin when needed
Dosage FrequencyOnce a weekOnce dailyOnce a week
Drug FamilyGLP-1 receptor agonistGLP-1 receptor agonistGLP-1 receptor agonist
Effectiveness in weight lossUpto 15%Upto 10%N/A (not licensed for weight loss)
Typesubcutaneous injectionsubcutaneous injectionsubcutaneous injection
Prescription only or Over-the-counterPrescription onlyPrescription onlyPrescription only
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Are Wegovy and Semaglutide the Same?

Semaglutide is the chemical name and active ingredient which is contained in Wegovy. Wegovy is therefore is one of the brand names of Semaglutide, which is licensed for weight management.

Ozempic and Rybelsus (medicines licensed for the treatment of type-2 diabetes) also contain Semaglutide.

Can I take Wegovy with Other GLP-1 Medications?

No, taking Wegovy with other GLP-1 medications is not recommended, as it can cause an overdose of the GLP-1 drugs.

How to Store Wegovy?

Store Wegovy in a refrigerator (2°C to 8°C). Ensure it is NOT kept at the back of the fridge or the cooling section (to prevent it from freezing). You can keep and use the pen for 6 weeks outside the fridge (for example, when you start using it) as long as the temperature stays below 30°C.

Important points to note:

  • Do not use it if it has been frozen.
  • Do not use this medicine after the expiry date.
  • Discard the medicine if you notice that the solution is not clear and colourless.
  • Keep the pen cap on in order to protect it from light.

Does Wegovy Help You Burn Fat?

No, the Wegovy does not burn fat. Instead, it reduces your appetite and cravings, resulting in reduced food intake. You should use Wegovy for weight loss and integrate some sort of physical activity into your routine for the best results.

Do I Need a Prescription to Buy Wegovy Online in the UK?

Yes, Wegovy is a prescription-only weight-loss medication. You cannot buy Wegovy over the counter or without a prescription.

At London Slimming Clinic, you can get the Wegovy prescription online with the Wegovy injection at the lowest price, without a physical appointment with a doctor. Fill out the online consultation form, and our UK-registered healthcare professional will assess your suitability for the medication.

Is there any Over-the-Counter Version of Wegovy Available?

No, there is no over-the-counter version of Wegovy available in the UK. Although there are some medications claiming to support weight loss, there are none available that mimic the results of Wegovy.

How Do I Switch from Saxenda to Wegovy?

If you are currently taking Saxenda (or previously have taken Saxenda), then follow the following guidance:

  • If you are taking 3.0mg Saxenda once daily, then you can switch to 0.5mg Wegovy.

Wegovy and Saxenda are from the same class of medicines (GLP-1); however, they are different molecules. Starting from 0.5mg will reduce the chances of side effects such as nausea, making it the safer and more appropriate option. After 4 weeks of 0.5mg, you can increase this to 1.0mg and then to the higher doses accordingly.

  • If you take a dose lower than 3.0mg Saxenda, you should start on a 0.25mg Wegovy injection.
  • If you have been on Saxenda previously but had a long treatment gap, you should start on a 0.25mg Wegovy weight loss injection.

If you need any advice or further guidance, please email us at contact@londonslimingclinic.co.uk, and we will be happy to be a part of your weight loss journey.

Can you switch from Ozempic to Wegovy?

If you have been taking Ozempic for the treatment of type-2 diabetes, then you should continue on Ozempic and not take Wegovy. Wegovy is not licensed for type-2 diabetes. However, if you are taking Ozempic or have previously taken Ozempic for weight loss, then you can switch to Wegovy for better results.

Follow the following guidance:

  • You can switch to the same strength of Wegovy injection or the next higher dose. For example, if you are currently on 1.0mg Ozempic, you can go up to 1.7mg Wegovy.
  • If you have been taking Ozempic previously and have had a short treatment gap of a couple of weeks, then you can start on the dose you left off at.
  • If you have been taking Ozempic 1.0mg previously and have had a longer treatment gap, then you should start on the 0.5mg. Re-starting from 0.5mg will reduce the chances of side effects such as headaches and vomiting, making it a more appropriate option.

If you need any advice or further guidance, please email us at contact@londonslimingclinic.co.uk, and we can guide you through this.

What to do if I forget my Wegovy dose?

It is important to try to take your dose on the same day each week. However, if you forget or miss it, then follow the following guidance:

If you forgot to inject a dose and

  • If it is 4 days or less since you should have used Wegovy, use it as soon as you remember. You may inject your next dose as usual as it was scheduled.
  • If it is more than 4 days since you should have used Wegovy, leave the missed dose and inject your next dose as scheduled.

For example, if your scheduled day is Saturday and you remember to take it on Tuesday, then take it as soon as possible and continue as normal the following Saturday.If your scheduled day is Saturday and you remember to take it on Wednesday, then skip that week and take it the following Saturday.

We recommend you add a reminder for your weekly dose, as you’ll have to inject on the same day and at the same time. You can also make a habit of logging your doses; it’ll help you remember when was the last time you took one.

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